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FRM - Studio Legale Tributario

FRM Studio Legale Tributario, is one of the most important law firms in Milan. Founded in 1998 on Francesco Facchini’s and Luca Rossi’s initiative, over the years it has been consolidated as a reference tax firm in the national panorama for assistance in M&A and private equity transactions. The firm grows and strengthens in 2019 with the entrance of Riccardo Michelutti as name partner, with a special focus on corporate and international taxation. The firm, with offices in Milan and Rome, has over 30 professionals working, with different specialisations, in all areas of national and international tax law.

FRM chooses Cloudia in 2020 with the aim of implementing a customised and comprehensive solution meeting all the needs of both the firm and its professionals.
The collaboration between Cloudia and FRM made it possible the development of ai4Align, which through various stages, including a major modernisation carried out at the end of 2022, brought many benefits:

  • A modern and intuitive product that helps efficiently and securely manage paperwork, invoices, documents and deadlines.

  • A time reporting system integrated with the software, allowing to record the hours spent on the various projects and to monitor the profitability of professionals.

  • A network protected by an advanced firewall, which blocks cyber attacks and allows surfing the Internet without risk.

  • A video call and telephone migration service, which enables easy and reliable communication with colleagues and customers, even remotely.

  • An optimisation of e-mail boxes, offering greater storage capacity and better management of incoming and outgoing communications.

  • The adoption of a cloud-based infrastructure allows one to get rid of obsolete, expensive and now unreliable infrastructures, and instead allows one to access and manage one’s files wherever one is and from any device.

  • A less costly but more efficient supplier offering unbeatable value for money and fast and competent technical support.

“We have worked hard to create an infrastructure that can set an example to other professional firms in terms of security, reliability and innovation. This was possible due to the synergy and collaboration with our new IT service provider Cloudia, and all the professionals working there. For me it is a great satisfaction, and I think for the firm it is a great sign of the work and commitment that all the people working at FRM put in every day.”

Roberto MartuscielloFRM

The collaborative project between our entities continues with new implementation goals. The next step involves the adoption of an enterprise device management platform via Intune, a Microsoft product combining high standards of security and reliability. Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management solution. It manages user access and simplifies app and device management across many devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers and virtual endpoints.

Improving productivity and competitiveness in the legal/finance market is a goal that every large company in the sector aims to achieve. Identifying a technology partner that can provide tools and support is the way to achieve this.