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LILT‘s primary goal is to spread the culture of prevention and early diagnosis in the field of oncology throughout the territory.
The Italian League for the Fight against Cancer – Milan Monza Brianza Provincial Association APS – operates in the area of Milan and Monza Brianza to promote and carry out initiatives aimed at raising awareness, strengthening and enhancing prevention, early diagnosis and research in the field of oncology and responding to the needs of patients and their families, in economically disadvantaged conditions, with concrete assistance services.

LILT has been a long-time adopter of Microsoft products for managing its flows, currently using an installation of NAV2016.

The partnership with Cloudia was recently established with the aim of maintaining and evolving the current installation in use, through developments that mainly involve features created ad hoc to manage step-by-step the medical phases of visits delivered by clinics scattered throughout the territory, facilitating and optimizing the work of users and the customer experience.

Cloudia also implements custom developments regarding LILT customer-related processes, for example, pro-bono patient management and outpatient inventory flows.

LILT is responsible for the approval of the various technical analysis documents (TDDs) and user acceptance tests (UATs) preparatory to the commissioning activities of the various developments. Cloudia is responsible for implementation at the technical level, meeting the specifications of the solutions described in the TDDs, and for supervising and supporting resources in the execution of UATs.

Our team consists of a project manager and two developers, and works closely with the LILT team, which in turn consists of a project manager and a key user.

We are really proud of this collaboration, which has achieved the goal of also accompanying an entity such as LILT toward digital transformation.