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WUG Torino

FISU World University Games Winter

In 2025, Turin will host the XXXII edition of the FISU World University Games Winter. Due to the size of the event and the worldwide media resonance, the company handling the organisation and all related events needed a tool to manage all of the dynamics, and a technology partner to guide them along the way.

Cloudia and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central were chosen for this challenge around the end of 2022. The customer’s need was to be able to launch the project in a very short time, and after understanding the project requirements and analysing the special business needs, we began the system deployment in parallel with the one-to-one resource training. In only one month it was possible to take live phase one of the project, making the customer’s staff able to use the platform in a very short time.

“Cloudia supported our finance department from the very beginning, and despite the fact we were not used to Business Central, their support and continuous training, in-depth into all aspects, made possible for us to be up and running in just one month.
For a huge event of this kind, it is very important to immediately make the tools immediately available, having a precise and unpostponable delivery date for delivery of the project.”

Salvatore FuscoWUG Torino

Business Central was implemented and parameterised to optimise the management of events related to the FISU World University Games Winter, and streamline all activities related to the management of the company. In September, phase two of the project will be kicked off, whereby the Microsoft ERP will be adopted as the collector of all data generated, from accounting to inventory, from resource planning to reporting. BC’s ability to collect, analyse and metabolise all this data, and return it as powerful business intelligence, in a usable and clear way, really does make a difference.