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Power Platform

Do more with less, using low-code tools.

Power Platform is a suite of tools, made available by Microsoft, with which you can develop reports/dashboards, automations, apps, websites and more, without knowing how to write code.
With the integration of Copilot (the AI-based assistant), there are no longer any limits to what can be accomplished with this platform.

Harness the potential of BIG DATA with our business intelligence solutions to gain insightful insights, take well-informed decisions, and transform your business into an innovation engine.
With the tools provided by Power Platform you can access the potential of automation, data analysis and the creation of custom apps.

  • operational agility

  • cost reduction

  • improved decision making

  • 360 degree business innovation

Power Platform

Power BI
It provides a clear and detailed view of business information through interactive dashboards and customized reports, turning data into insights.

Power Platform

Power Automate
It offers the ability to automate in a simple way, complex business processes: from daily routines to managing particularly intricate workflows, this platform saves time and resources, ensuring greater operational efficiency.

Power Platform

Power Apps
It allows anyone, even without development skills, to create custom apps to meet the specific needs of any business.
From workforce management apps to project tracking solutions, the possibilities are endless.

Power Platform

Power Pages
Creating websites has never been so immediate and intuitive!
It is possible to use off-the-shelf templates or to start from scratch, but as with all components of the Power Platform suite, what makes the difference is being able to develop all of this in low-code mode.


Copilot Studio
The latest innovation in Microsoft‘s house allows for the creation and customization of “co-pilots.” These assistants use natural language and smart graphical interfaces to meet every business need.
By connecting every possible data source, from the most classic ones including even websites, it becomes easy to cross boundaries that only until yesterday seemed so.
Chatbots driven by Generative Artificial Intelligence can guide through processes and improve the customer experience.