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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

One application for all project-oriented activities.

Project Operations enables your teams to capture more contracts, optimize resource planning, accelerate project delivery, and analyze detailed data, both project and sales data.
Get the visibility, collaboration and agility you need to foster the success of project-oriented activities, from prospects to payments and profits.

  • Deliver exceptional negotiation management experiences

  • Simplify the recording of activities and management of expense reports

  • Promote success through advanced project management

  • Optimizes profitability through simplified project financial data

  • Optimize resource planning

  • Sharpens business insight to foster success


It offers excellent integration with existing Microsoft applications, ensuring a smooth transition of data and operational processes, improving the overall consistency and efficiency of business systems.


It has the ability to adapt to each company’s needs. With advanced customization tools, enterprises can shape workflows and functionalities according to the requirements of their industry, ensuring a tailored implementation and greater operational agility.

Predictive analytics and business intelligence:

With these capabilities, it can provide detailed insight into the performance of project teams, enabling data-driven decision making. The powerful suite of Business Intelligence tools, enables you to analyze complex data and gain meaningful insights to improve project management.

Through resource optimization, advanced customization, and smooth integration with existing technologies, Project Operation enables complete management of a project lifecycle, from kick off, to go live to after sales.